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Public deserves more access to coastal water
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Editor, This is a call for new leadership in the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission, and support for a public access marina.
We respectfully request the board of commissioners to change to new leadership in the LPCP. The LPCP appears to be conspiring with the Merchants Wharf Condo Assn. to stop the Shrimp Docks Marina from even landscaping, in addition to a boat hoist, fuel and parking improvements. The condo group is made up of, in their own words, “members and neighbors who are members of the Georgia Bar and officers of the court.” They evidently have great influence over the LCPC, but very few are even registered to vote in Liberty County. We do not deny their First Amendment rights.
The condo association and one bordering neighbor have their own docks and don’t want to be bothered by the public use of a boat hoist, adequate parking for the public and other parking improvements.
We appeal to the public for the improved and continual use of the Shrimp Docks Marina, and maintaining you, the public, access to the beautiful and deep Sunbury Channel.
Please call 884-5331 or e-mail to if you want to keep public access in Liberty County, as many public marinas are being lost in Georgia and other states.

Terry Lyle
Anne Lyle
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