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Reader disappointed with Lowry
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Editor, I was very surprised and totally disappointed with Rich Lowry’s column on Dec. 26. I really get upset when people pontificate on subjects they know nothing about.
First of all, I would remind Mr. Lowry that Grass Roots has caused some changes in this country. Obama got his campaign funds from the Grass Roots while Hill and Bill got theirs from The Big Companies.
The illegals are starting to leave the U.S. due to Grass Roots pressure. You underestimate us, Mr. Lowry.
To date, Georgia is the biggest supporter of Fair Tax. Our own Congressman John Linder and radio talk show host Neal Boortz co-wrote The Fair Tax Book. Get it! It is very informative and very educational.
Mr. Lowry referred to Fair Tax as a “bed time story.” Twenty three million was spent for hundreds of accountants and academics to develop this system.
To date, 69 co-sponsors come from the House and 6 from the Senate. No other proposed plan has had that much support. Even Alan Greenspan advocated a National Sales Tax, back in 2005.
Repeal the 16th Amendment! They repealed Prohibition, didn’t they?
I don’t have all the answers. I am not smart enough or rich enough to have all the questions.
Fair does — and it is available and free to all, unlike the report from the joint committee on taxation.
Joni Baker
Gum Branch
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