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Reader unhappy with county
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Editor, This letter is in response to the article from this past Sunday’s paper “Deployment hits budgeting.”
This county needs to quit depending on the soldiers, DoD and their family members to fill the county’s treasure chest to fund its projects and commitments. If Fort Stewart ever closed its gates, this county will roll over and die a slow and extremely painful death.
I give the county commission a failing grade because they can’t bring big industry to this county and we, the taxpayers, have to pay this penalty in the form of rising property taxes. This needs to stop ASAP. The commission need to bring in big industry to this county, ricki-tick. No wonder a lot of folks are moving to Long County and Richmond Hill. They are fed up!
This county also needs to clean up its act and clean up the highways and get rid of the so-called trash-dump trailer parks. The county talks about promoting tourism. Take the people on a tour of what? Crack houses and dumps?
I have seen Hinesville and Liberty County abuse its privileges in building the Joint Planning Commission building. That should have been put to a vote by the citizens of Liberty County.
What about the Frank Cochran extension? The traffic light that is desperately needed on Highway 196 and Deal Street?
I don’t mind paying more in taxes if it went to have more sheriff’s deputies and emergency services — not to fund pork barrel projects.

Guy S. Piatti
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