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Remember abandoned pets on holidays
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Editor, The holiday season is a time of giving. I get more joy out of giving than receiving. I long ago realized that making someone happy and putting a smile on their face is worth more than material items to me.
Then, my thoughts turn to those out there who are less fortunate than many of us and it makes me sad. I founded an animal rescue in Hinesville. Therefore, I automatically think about all the homeless animals out there that don’t have a place to call their own, no cozy spot in front of the fire place or at the foot of his masters’ bed, no treat bag under the tree like my pets are sure to get each Christmas.
It’s hard for me to enjoy my pets’ excitement over raw hides, squeaky toys and catnip mice when I picture the sad faces at Liberty County Animal Control.
At Christmas Eve, they are sitting in their dark, wet cells with not so much as a soft word. They are behind bars, yet they have not committed a crime. They long for a warm place to lay their head, yet they are surrounded by cold cinder block walls and a cement floor. They long for a tender touch, yet when a hand reaches out for them it is to put them into a forever sleep – unless they are one of the lucky ones for which our rescue could find a new home.
I don’t think that Christmas Eve should pass by for these sad little souls without them knowing that it is a special night, the night our sweet baby Jesus was born. Jesus loved and tended to our creatures on Earth and our heavenly Father asked that we take care of them.
Please remember our homeless animals this Christmas Eve. I encourage everyone to donate a bag of treats, a toy, or anything you would like to give to make Christmas Eve special for a homeless dog or cat.
 For more information, please contact me at or call 369-0424.
Merry Christmas from New Beginnings Animal Rescue!

Petra Brooks, president
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