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Remember animal shelter on holidays
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Editor, In this season for giving, we would like to remind people as they donate to charities, that the Liberty Humane Shelter is a non-profit. A gift to us is tax deductable.
Our dogs and cats waiting for adoption have a few needs, and we hope you can find it in your heart to give our pets a gift this season. Here is the shelter’s wish list:
Items always needed:
Paper towels
Bleach, floor and other cleaners
Wash clothes and towels
Blankets and throw rugs
Mops and brooms
Canned cat and dog food (We feed this to sick animals.)
Puppy and kitten food
Antibacterial hand and dish soap
Toilet paper
Trash bags (13 gallon or larger)
Surgical gloves and gowns
Stamps, copy paper and envelopes
Air conditioner filters 10x10x1
Collars and leashes
Lexmark printer cartridges numbers 32 and 33
Christmas wish list:
Walkie talkies (rechargeable)
Cordless phone with multiple handsets
Storage shed
Gift certificates from Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Enmark, or any gas cards
Microscope and thermometers
Surgical staple gun
Flooring (linoleum or tile)
Computer (2 or 3 GB)

The Liberty Humane Shelter has facilitated 412 adoptions to date this year, and realizes that without a generous and caring community, most of our cats and dogs may have been euthanized. We want to thank everyone for their support, which allows us to continue our efforts. We also would like to remind people be kind to animals and have their pets spayed or neutered. In addition, we want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Susan Todd
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