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Site helps save abandoned pets
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Editor, Liberty County Animal Control in Hinesville is now participating in two wonderful programs.
The first one drastically improves the quality of life for the dogs at their shelter. It is the Kuranda "Donate a Bed" program where individuals can purchase dog beds, at discounted rates, to be donated to the shelter of their choice.  The dogs at Liberty County Animal Control currently have very little bedding and most sleep on the cold, hard, wet floor night after night which can lead to depression and health problems.
Individuals wishing to donate a bed(s) can go to and choose "Donate a Bed" where they will be able to choose Liberty County Animal Control.
Animal Control is also participating in a new Web site,  This site is a shelter outreach program (it's an adoption website) in which "kill" shelters list their dogs slated for "euthanasia" because of space, time, breed, age, behavior and health reasons.  The Web site includes photos and descriptions of the dogs, their reason for "euthanasia" and a countdown of how many days a dog has to live before it is needlessly killed.
It is a unique and somewhat controversial site that is saving the lives of compromised dogs around the country that have little other hope at a new start in life.  This website provides these dogs with invaluable adoption exposure.  It is a free service for shelters and the public.
Interested adopters contact participating shelters directly about their urgent dogs listed on the site.
It is estimated that over 4 million dogs are killed in our nation's animal shelters every year.  Not because there aren't enough homes, but because the public has no idea of the magnitude of this tragedy.  The public, in general, knows very little about what's going on in the shelter down the street or the fact that shelter killing is believed to be the leading cause of death for healthy dogs in the U.S.
By doing a story about Liberty County Animal Control, hopefully more animal control agencies and shelters in your area will choose to participate in both of these programs.
Please take this opportunity to educate your community and encourage people to come forward and help their local animal shelters.  It is time for Americans to stop looking the other way and accept responsibility for our homeless animals.  If we don't help them, who will?  Little hearts are counting on us.  It's all about awareness and there can never be too much.

Jackie Denton
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