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Something must be done to help strays
An abandoned female boxer has been living in a lot near West 15th Street, according to a Courier reader. - photo by Photo provided.
Editor, A female boxer that was abandoned on West 15th Street near 196 and Parker’s has caught the attention of the blogging community. The plight of this starving creature has touched the hearts of many animal lovers and people are out there looking for her to take her off the streets.  
I first saw her Friday, Sept. 10 as I was waiting on the red light at the intersection of Highway 196 and Airport Road. She was standing near the shoulder of the road in the Parker’s parking lot, trying to cross West 15th Street to get to the safety and shade of the neighboring truck lot. I understand from a sign posted there that for a fee, truckers (and other vehicles) can park in the lot.  
People rushed up and down West 15th as if they were blind to the fact that this dog, with her ribs showing, was trying to cross the road. I pulled to the side of the road and held my breath to see if she would make it.  She did and I went to pick up my husband and buy a bag of dogfood.  
I was so troubled by the sight of this dog that I could not sleep that night, so I wrote a blog about her  situation. Many people want to help and have been out there looking for her day and night. If given enough time, we will rescue her, but time is running out.  
This morning (Sept. 14), around 5:30 a.m., I stopped to see if I could spot the dog and snap a picture. While I was waiting, a man in a truck who was patrolling the lot asked me what I was doing there. I explained the situation and he informed me that the owner of the lot would not want “wild animals” being fed. I was very disappointed that he didn’t understand that people care about this dog and are trying their best to get her out of a dangerous situation and into a loving home — if we could just catch her.
I know we can’t save all the pets that owners abandon, but we can use her story to bring attention to the growing problem of pet abandonment. We must push for legal action to be taken against heartless owners who simply toss their family pets away whenever they become inconvenient for whatever reason.
There are other choices one can make when faced with the inability to care for a pet: First, they can surrender their animal to the shelter on Airport Road. Second, they can place a “free to good home” ad in the newspaper. People should not assume someone will find their abandoned animal and take it in. There are not enough homes for all of these animals. More often than not, the pet either gets hit by a vehicle, gets attacked by other animals, dies from exposure to the elements or simply starves to death.  
We, as a civilized society, cannot let this abuse go on. Pet owners who just abandon their family pets should be held accountable and punished for their cruel, heartless and selfish actions.

— Marie Goodrich
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