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Tax dollars hit bumps in Lake George
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Editor, I find myself wondering if the Liberty County Commissioners and Pat Bowen, 4th District commissioner, have gone insane. They have just taken our tax dollars and covered Lake George in speed bumps. There was no meeting of our community and no asking this community. No one has told us who is to pay for damage to our vehicles.
If Mr. Bowen is acting on orders from the Property Owners Association Board, let me remind him that 75 percent of the homeowners here do not belong to this association. We live on county roads, which we paid for with our taxes. We did not ask for this.
If this POA can control Pat Bowen when county roads are concerned, then Mr. Bowen needs to be replaced. We do not need to replace the POA board of directors; they are busy destroying themselves with fighting each other.
It is going to get interesting when a child falls on his bike, a motorcycle slides on one of these things or how about a visitor who damages his car. Stand and watch an ambulance try to avoid these things. It slows them to less than half their normal speed. Would you want to be the one waiting?
This entire community was treated like the people who were fenced in and have no access to their homes. Our rights were ignored. Mr. Bowen has handed out speed bumps to private homeowners before.
We have had one car ruined because of one of these things, and we do not need the expense of another one. I hope every person who damages his car calls Mr. Bowen and (County Administrator) Joey Brown with their bill. In the meantime, we can work to get rid of speed bumps or get rid of Pat Bowen.

Madge Spencer

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