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Thanksgiving tribute: 'Ode to Bill Owens'
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Editor, I know I have written in many times, but this is kind of an “ode to Bill Owens” who always wrote in at this time of the year ...
 ... at this time, I am thankful -
 -for my God’s grace, my family’s embrace, the warmth of friendship and
 the unconditional love of pets!
 ... I am thankful -
 - for old folks, and young folks, and folks of character!
 ... I am thankful -
 - for good work, good times and good people!
 ... and I am thankful for the “teachers” -
 - of wisdom, and truth, and God!
 ... I am thankful -
 - for this county, this state and this country...
 ...and I am thankful to everyone, in every occupation -
 - that keeps us free, and safe ... and protected
 each and every day!

Roger A. Wells
Liberty County
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