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The law is doing its job here
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Editor, All who know me and all who are regular readers of the op/ed page, know that I am quick to pen - when my passions are stirred. If I should do so to complain, I should do so to praise as well.
This past weekend I traveled with my wife, son and his fiancé to River Street and the Historic District in Savannah. While this was indeed a pleasurable outing, I took note of the fact that I was on 'high alert' during the entire course of the visit. While diligence and caution are always advisable, the added stigma of a high crime area certainly enhanced those feelings. I now reflect on that and I thank God that I do not have to feel like that at home, here in Hinesville and Liberty County. That can only be attributed to the comfort and trust found in our area's law enforcement agencies - and the leadership therein. This then, is a tribute to all of our area's law enforcement personnel and the men who lead the charge - Sheriff Don Martin of the Liberty County Sheriff's Dept. and Chief George Stagmeier of the Hinesville Police Dept.
All too often we hear of the scandals/turmoil/dissension within various agencies - that does not seem to be the case here. The men and women of these two agencies present themselves professionally, courteously and with dignity in their dealings with the public. Do we have crime here? Of course we do. There will always be that element of society that looks to circumvent the rules and order of civilized society. It is how a community and its policing agencies deal with that segment to insure the safety and comfort of its citizens that sets it apart from others. I am happy with the comfort level I feel here at home and during my activities within this community. That is a direct result of the open-door, down home, effective leadership policy that these two men have instituted throughout their respective agencies and for that, I offer a very heart-felt "Thank You" to both of them. May God continue to keep you, as well as the men & women you command, safe and well.
Roger A. Wells
Liberty County
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