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Transit buses must be losing money
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Editor, The other day I was watching the new buses go by and I realized that what everyone has been saying is true — no one is riding the buses.
That got me wondering how much it is costing us to wear the tread off these bus tires.
Before I give you some figures let me admit, I’m not sure if these figures are exactly right. But I’m sure if they are off, the city will tell its citizens what the real figures should be.
I think we have seven buses with six in daily use. Here we go:
• It costs $52 per hour to operate a bus. (6x$52 = $312 per hour)
• They operate for 10 hours a day. (10x$312 = $3,120 per day)
• The buses run six days a week. (6x$3,120 = $18,720 per week)
• Add to this $45 a day per bus for fuel (6x$45x6 days = $1,620 per week)
• $18,720 + $1,620 = $20,340 per week to operate all six buses.
• We take in approximately $67 a day in passenger fare ($67x6 =$402 per week)
• Subtract that from $20,340 and we end up losing $19,938 a week — or we lose $1,036,776 a year.
That made me wonder, do we have an opt-out option and if so, when does it kick in and what does it cost?
Now I realize government-run transportation systems don’t normally make a profit, but good Lord, do they lose this kind of money? Those are our tax dollars.
If my figures are wrong, don’t be afraid to tell us the real numbers. The taxpayers deserve the truth. It’s just a thought!

— Reggie Sage

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