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Veterinarian thanks for services
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Editor, I have not been able to tell our veterinarian “thank you” in person, as I and the rest of my family are still grieving over the loss of Little Baby, but maybe in this forum it can be expressed to him.
I took our beloved one in to Dr. Martin at the Flemington Veterinary Clinic two weeks ago because he had begun to have problems, which I learned later were related to kidney problems.
We rescued Little Baby from the Liberty Humane Shelter in July 2004, along with his brother Lite Brite. They were just wee things we brought home from the shelter as their mother had apparently abandoned them shortly after birth.
They had not quite developed the suckling bit, so we fed them first with newborn kitten food from droppers, then graduated to a real baby bottle with real baby formula. 
His brother kept pushing and taking the food away from Little Baby and we were beginning to believe he would not survive.  But to our happiness, he did and even outgrew his brother and the other cat we had rescued a year earlier. 
Little Baby remained a timid one, but when it came to hunting, he was right on top of it. Lizards, frogs, squirrels did not stand a chance when he was allowed to go outside for some air.  e surpassed his brother and “step-sister cat” in weight to a hopping 18 pounds in December. But he always remained in the background and just kind of watched everything and everyone. 
He remained close to me, especially during canned-food days. He knew the time, day, and place to be for it — often beating me to it.
He was not a talker, but every now and then he would tell us something, and like E. F. Hutton, we would listen.
 Somehow, I think Little Baby knew when I took him to Dr. Martin, he would not be coming back home, though Dr. Martin did his best to assure me he would  do all he could to save him. He told me all the options and was willing to delay his family trip out of town to help Little Baby. I think Little Baby tried to tell me before I left, as he cuddled up really close in my arms, he was probably in a lot of pain.
Little Baby can never be replaced, though there are memories of him all around. His picture was even submitted to the paper for the Best of Liberty last month.   I just wish I could bring myself to face him (Dr. Martin, that is), but I know that I will just break down and boo hoo without being able to get the words out.
But Dr. Martin, I just want you to know I appreciate everything you did, the final call to me that night, and just everything.  Even your staff was so helpful to me that Friday afternoon. I believe they shared in my grief also. 
I know Lite Brite and Octshun miss Little Baby also. Lite Brite still goes up and down stairs calling for him, but there is no response.
In time, I believe he will realize the loss, as in time the loss will heal from my heart.  I don’t plan on replacing him, as it still hurts to realize he is gone forever.
I appreciate Dr. Martin for being there to make Little Baby’s transition to cat heaven. 

J. Scales
Liberty County

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