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Was blue ribbon panel a waste?
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Editor, Well the blue ribbon panel that was appointed by our county commission to look into the train wreck known as Liberty Regional Medical Center has come and gone.
They made their report with suggestions on how to address some of LRMC’s problems after much time and effort on their part by many smart minds. So, I waited with baited breath to see what would happen at the next hospital authority meeting and also what the county commissioners would do.
The hospital authority met first and did not even discuss the panel’s findings. No, their priority for the sinking, tax-dollar gobbling, troubled ship christened LRMC was to discuss how to go about giving the Whit Fraser Award. No mention of the blue ribbon panel’s findings. None.
So, I thought surely the county commissioners would have it on their agenda, but I read in amazement in the Wednesday, April 5, Coastal Courier, the chairman did not even place it on his agenda.
You have to ask yourself then: What was the point of going through this whole process if the commissioners are not even going to respond to the panel they appointed to tell them what to do about the whole LRMC mess? It appears it all was a waste of time.

Jimmy Darsey
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