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We're depending on new councilman
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Editor, The following is an open letter to new Hinesville City Councilman Jason Floyd:
Mr. Floyd, congratulations on your recent election to the city council. You have a tough job ahead of you. I hope you start by reading the excellent editorial published in the Sunday, Sept. 26 Coastal Courier. In case you did not read it, I sent a copy to you via city hall. Many disturbing issues were addressed in the article, but allow me to add just one more.
For years, even with the expressed populace dissatisfaction, the county and city have been holding planning retreats, or work session if you will, on St. Simons and Jekyll Island. Even though times are tough, untold tens of thousands of dollars have been spent not in Liberty County, but in Glynn County.
The reason always given for this extravagance is that officials need the isolation to get things accomplished. On the east end, I’ve heard that referred to as “can’t walk and chew  gum at the same time.”
The issues brought forth in the Courier’s editorial were the results of spending all that big dough somewhere other than at home, such as monstrous pay increases, a $56,000 magazine from an outfit in Bryan County that really costs $245,000, trips to China at the taxpayers’ expense, and member who — for one reason or another — won’t cast a vote. It is time to stop this nonsense.
I hope you can convince your counterparts to come on back to our backyard, sit down, spit out the bubble gum and take care of the citizens at home. It sure has to be better than what we’re getting. Good luck.                                           
— Bruce A. McCartney
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