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Weekend digital disconnect
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Last weekend, I went without data on my iPhone for three solid days.

Mind you, I’ve only had my all-knowing smartphone since last May, so you’d think that I would have easily remembered life before I had the world – quite literally – in my pocket.

During that time, I could only check my email when I was using a public WiFi network, and I had to look up weather the old fashioned way. And imagine my horror when I didn’t know what my Facebook friends were up to at every waking minute or those three days!

And the truth is, while that experience opened my eyes to how much I rely on my smartphone to get through my days, it also reunited me with my attention span. See, when you get so addicted to Words With Friends that you play at every commercial break, waiting without technology to fill your time can seem endless. But since I had no CNN updates and no Twitter stream, I was forced to turn inward for reflection.

I was surprised to find that, despite all my panic over being disconnected from the digital word, my mind was quite at ease.

While I’m grateful for the wonders of modern technology, I also think I’ll try to work in a couple more disconnected weekends into my life so I can slow down and remember the finer things.

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