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Commitment great; rewards are greater
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

The great Apostle Paul speaks, in the seventh chapter of 1 Corinthians, by permission on the subject of marriage.
His dialogue with the Corinthians concerning marriage comes on the heels of discussing disorder in the church. He is presented with a list of questions pertaining to marriage, living single, propriety in worship and several other things. Marriage was on the top of the list, and it remains one of the top priorities of concerned pastors throughout the body of Christ.
For all the married couples in our community, would you consider modeling your marriage for the sake of encouraging all the newlyweds and those who are considering making the commitment?
On June 7, my wife and I celebrated 28 years of holy matrimony. I speak by permission and not as an expert, but our love for one another has remained steady over the years with God’s help and friends who share our values regarding the marriage covenant.
I love Mary and consider her to be the sugar that sweetens my life and the one rose that never withers in my garden, regardless of the season I’m in. It’s our desire to model and represent the institution of marriage for our children, family and the people we serve in ministry as a blessing and not a curse. It takes work, prayer, spending as much time together as possible, complimenting one another and keeping things fresh.
My commitment is to God first and then her. My personal conviction is that I must be as faithful in serving in my home as I am in fulfilling my duties as a leader in the church.
Once a person commits to marriage, it should be from the perspective of never going back, much like skydivers exiting a plane for a jump. They prepare themselves before boarding the plane, everything checks out, and they are confident of what they are about to do.
In this dispensation, many couples are bringing themselves, as well as children from a previous relationship, together with their new-found love.
There are some serious checks and balances to consider before jumping out of the single life into a life with another person.
Prior to a skydiver exiting a plane, he has checks and precautions that are vital to surviving. Check credit status, prior convictions, any children from previous relationships, any strange habits, health problems, etc. Marriage remains honorable in the eyes of the Lord.
This week, as we focus on the family, I extend a hearty invitation for everyone to join us as we host an icon in the Christian world. Bishop Iona Locke, world-renowned speaker and pastor, will join us June 26-27 at 1402 Harmon St. in Savannah.
For more information, call 912-877-6080 or go to
Murray is the senior pastor of Fellowship of Love Church COGIC and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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