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Long County has Day of Prayer
0925 Long prayer day
Deotha Johnson and Lillian Simmons were two of about 100 people who attended the first annual Ludowici/Long County Day of Prayer on Saturday at the recreation complex. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

The first annual Ludowici/Long County Day of Prayer was celebrated Saturday at the recreation complex in Ludowici. The session began at 7 p.m. with around 100 people in attendance.
Jimmy Howard, who organized the event, welcomed the crowd and read verses from the second book of Chronicles. He said there are many problems in Long Country, but God still is in control and He can answer the prayers of Christian people if they humble themselves.
“Long County needs prayer. Our country needs prayer, and I need prayer,” Howard said.
After he finished, Grace Baptist Church Pastor Robert Long offered an opening prayer. He said that individuals, families, churches, communities and Long Country show signs by their actions that they are not obedient to God. But he added that if the desire to do God’s will is present, and if people are obedient to the Bible, God can put everyone back on the “right track.”
First Baptist Church of Ludowici Music Minister Phil Swindell led the crowd in a rendition of “Revive Us Again” and “Standing on the Promises.” Brent Klinedinst, Beth Roberson and Sherry Long also sang solos throughout the program. Following the music, pastors from around the county came up and led the crowd in prayers for the county, state, nation and churches.
Baconton Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Herman Scott, who also is the chaplain for the Long County Sheriff’s Office, led attendees in a prayer for Long County. He asked God to protect all of the workers who were employed as civil servants and requested that God give county leaders wisdom to do His will.
“God, I pray for unity in the county and ask that You help us to be the people that You want us to be,” Scott said.
A New Beginning Church Pastor Tom Gardner led a prayer for the state of Georgia. He told the crowd that he doesn’t know all of the state’s needs, but that God does, and God can provide for those needs.
“Lord, touch our state. Touch our governor. Touch all of those who provide leadership in the different departments in the state. Give these leaders the wisdom to be the light of this earth,” Gardner said.
Tibet Baptist Church Pastor Paul Weldon led those gathered in a prayer for the United States. Weldon said that the nation was created on Christian principals and, at one time, God was the country’s focal point. He said that as a result of this obedience, God provided the country with great blessings, but now the nation regards Him as insignificant. Weldon said that at times, even churches reject God when people are complacent in not standing up for what the Bible says and not fighting for what is morally right. He also prayed for all of the nation’s leaders, asking that God give them wisdom.
South Main Baptist Church Pastor John Gladin led the prayer for all of the nation’s churches. Gladin said Jesus Christ is the bridegroom of the church, and the people who attend church need to be focused on the love of God. He asked God to give the pastors of His churches the courage and the boldness to preach the word of God despite the world’s opposition to hearing this truth.
“God, I pray that our churches would be what You would have them to be,” Gladin said.
After the prayers had been offered, St. James Missionary Baptist Church Pastor James Evans gave a short message.
“If there ever was a time that people needed to come together and pray, that time is now,” he said.
Evans told the group that there is power in prayer, and when people pray together, they exemplify power. Evans said one of the main reasons the nation is in such bad shape today is because it has removed God from many things. He said that God can turn around all of the nation’s problems if people start acting like Christians.
“If people will seek My will and turn away from their wicked ways, I will forgive their sins and heal their nation,” Evans quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14.
New Sunbury Association Missions Director Jim Elliot said that the Day of Prayer was good for Long County. He encouraged everyone to pray consistently. “We all need to pray without division, without discord, without wrath and without doubting,” Elliot said.

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