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Sound off April 6

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Thank you, Liberty County Courthouse for getting the flags fixed on the flag pole. They look tremendous now.

Let it be known that the stores in Hinesville that put a limit on how much you can buy, the people of Midway are not going to drive all the way to Hinesville and be limited what we can buy. The stores are saying, in effect, shop somewhere else.

Rain Tree Apartments is unorganized. The staff is not doing their job and the police are not doing their job. They need to look at guys smoking drugs and such on the breeze way. The criminal activity they are doing over here violates city code, and nothing is being done.

We need a new head sheriff for Liberty County and a new police chief, who will stand for something, not help drug dealers.

High school coaches should have to teach at the high school. Now that the system is getting new teachers for next year, I think they should move all coaches there, not in middle and elementary schools.

Are there any other parents out there in Liberty County that refuse to let their children take the GMAS test? I think I am. The test is unfair, and I do not want it holding my kid back in eighth grade.

I want to thank the two wonderful ladies at Clyde’s on the morning of March 20 about 7:30, for helping me with my dog. I want them to know it’s going to lead to a litter.

I can’t understand why I can’t get my state income tax return. It’s been over six weeks now, and I ain’t heard nothing.

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