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Sound off for Feb. 18
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733.

Teacher emails have nothing to do with grades. It has everything to do with information going on in the classroom. That is what we’re requesting. If it’s a school policy that you’re supposed to get an email every week that tells you what’s going on in the classroom, then teachers should be doing that. I think Lewis Frasier should have all teachers doing that so that all teachers and all students get the same information.

You come out on Davis Road past Airport Road and look at that little dirt road, you have nowhere to pass anybody because they’ve dug the ditches out so wide. I’d like for the county commissioners to take a look at it.

I thought Black History Month was February. How did it get to be black-history year? Hope this year is better for everyone.

I think it’s a shame that the phone company is removing the drop box to put your bills in. There are a lot of elderly and handicapped people who have a hard time getting in the building.

I’m calling as a citizen with a fixed income. I need to know why they’ve got these rents so high that we cannot afford them. And it’s not fair to the military to have them so high. They’re out there fighting for our freedom. Please, give us something to rent that we can afford.

In response to the caller about the teacher taking off points off for not writing a name on an assignment: if a name is left off your paycheck, would the bank cash it? How is the teacher to know who to assign the grade to if there’s no name on it?

Someone really needs to come check the morale of the school nutrition employees. Since the new director has taken over the program, the program has gone downhill. The director needs to understand that the program is nothing without her employees. She is rude and very inconsiderate. We really need a leader who cares. Superintendent, please call a meeting to hear the concerns of school nutrition employees.

I agree — the superintendent makes too much money for the small town of Liberty County. But yet, the so-called BoE allowed the removal of the STAR program, which has helped our kids for 15 years successfully, without even visiting the program before removing it. These behavior specialists do not help the students with academics, home problems and personal accountability as STAR did.

The superintendent told staff members at local schools to not call their board members to bother them about budget issues. Are we not taxpayers as well?

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