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Sound off for Feb. 22

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Why do we need Wal-Mart grocery stores on one road when we could use a variety of stores? There’s no sense in three grocery stores at Wal-Mart.

Congrats sports editor. You managed to squeeze in one soccer story from a private school and only forgot to post this weeks games for the two in Wednesday’s paper. I can’t tell for sure because the machine I usually get the paper from was malfunctioning and ate my quarter.  Did you know that last week the Bradwell tigers soccer teams had a live scrimmage against Ware County? It was nice. Good atmosphere, good crowd and a good game filled with drama that is usually associated with the sport.  But I guess reading about baseball practice going on at exactly the same time two miles away is also exciting.

This goes out to the gifted individual that cut me off in front of Ameris bank in the black Chevy HHR.  I slowed down to let a pedestrian finish crossing the street.  There was no need to dart over in the right lane as I sped back up and almost take the side of my truck off just so you could make the light.  I said a few choice words as I slammed on brakes and blew the horn.  I got home and cooled off and remembered some good advice from my late mother who told me to try and have patience in life as stupidity knows no bounds.  Hope you made it safely to your destination in Arlington Park.  Oh and if you need to puff on a cigar while impressing your fellow motorists, leave the cheap ones at the liquor store.

The Liberty County Board of Commissioners should be ashamed to be spending our SPLOST funds to pave Azalea Road (East end of county) with only 5 homes on the road while there are many roads that could use re-surfacing.  Money not well spent. Do not plan to vote for SPLOST in the future if this is the way you spend our tax dollars.

The City of Riceboro operated efficiently under one mayor, one city clerk, and one maintenance worker. The new administration took office and they now have five maintenance workers and a fully staffed office. Why? Riceboro has not grown and the population has remained the same. The focus has clearly shifted from quality to quantity. Just because it shines, it does not mean it is gold!

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