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Sound off for Feb. 22
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"I do not understand why parents need to have a guide for ‘Black Panther’! I have never seen this before. Some movies clearly need a guide but do not get one. Why this one? Hmmm!"

"The Russians’ goal is to weaken our electoral system and build an environment where anyone but the Russians lose. Our country is the Russians’ largest target and they are not our friends."

"Three cheers to the basketball teams in high schools in Liberty County. No matter how far they went, or go, this season, they’re all winners."

"Liberty County board members, say "no" to Coastal Pines Education in our Schools. $50,000 can go to the students and teachers. Plus we would have to provide the building and the computers and security at night. We have a lot going on right know in our school system. The teachers don’t want another teacher messing with there classroom."

"The city council is considering adding a public safety director above the fire and police departments, really? What about too many chiefs and not enough indians?"

"GOP keeps talking about entitlement reform. Maybe they need to cut the first class travel for Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. As to Pruitt he also needs to pay for his private security detail which is costing the taxpayers $1,000,000 per year."

"As much as I hate to say it, if Sandy Hook didn’t kick off any gun control regulations, nothing will. The NRA is deep in the pockets of the government. This is going to keep happening. It isn’t illegals doing it either. It is American citizens. But, they want to build a pointless wall."

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