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Sound off for Nov. 16

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Dear Long County commissioners, why haven’t you declared for public assistance and assistance for individuals from FEMA. Seems that everyone has, except for Long County.

Hinesville’s fine newspaper, the Coastal Courier, can’t even get the right crossword puzzle answer in the paper. No wonder you’re big buddies with the Democrats, you fools.

I don’t think anyone could go to a better place to vote than the Midway center where the voting is going on. The people are so nice.

Debris cleanup, don’t complain. Mosquitoes, don’t complain. Most of us got away with only minor damage. And the city does the best it can. This is just a concerned citizen of Hinesville.

I called Georgia Power concerning my electric bill. I told them about the seven-day outage because of the hurricane and asked why my bill was the same. The agent told me I was on flat billing. I told her that was wrong and that I wanted to cancel my membership. That was not right.

Yes, please stop Trump.

It needs to be looked into why most people don’t want to go to the Hinesville hospital for service. They want to go to Candler, St. Joseph’s or Memorial. Why can’t we have a good hospital and get more, good doctors without going to Savannah.

It is important to remember that President Obama has not achieved as much as he tried to achieve because the speaker of the House and president of the Senate declared that they were going to insure he would not be successful as president. They didn’t want him to go down in history as successful. I wonder why.

I think the sheriff we have now is a wonderful person, a kind person who does his job well and a great family man. Let’s keep him. And God bless him for the wonderful job he’s doing.

Hinesville law says that all animals must be on leashes. Why is it fair that cats are not on leashes? That’s not fair, if dogs have to be on leashes.

FEMA is nothing but a bunch of overpaid government fiddlers.

Thank God, we have been delivered from this crazy slide toward socialism. Voters need to remember that Hitler’s party was the National Socialists Workers Party, socialists. That didn’t work out too well. Thank God for Trump.

To the Darsey brothers, I read your letters and am touched by your concern for the state of the Republican Party. I want you to know the Republican Party is strong and able to handle itself. You need not worry now. Instead, you may want to focus your concerns on this badly-run county. You were born and raised here.

I don’t mind so much that Trump won, but I’m worried about the precedent he set for future campaigns. They are going to be even more horrible than his was.

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