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Sound Off for Oct. 11

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“What school are you going to where you are looking at the teacher’s breasts? Sounds like you need to respect other people’s bodies. They didn’t get those tattoos to impress you. The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

“As a county taxpayer I would be interested in knowing why my dollars are being used for a deputy and county vehicle to be parked at Hinesville City Hall all day. If the deputy is on city business because he is on the council then he should be driving his own vehicle to the meetings and not the taxpayers.”

“There seems to be so much going on behind the scenes in Walthourville. For such a rural area there seems to be a lot of this behavior by those in a position of power such as the mayor that is truly unacceptable. She should not use her power to try to get others to act in a similar way. Those elected by the citizens need to remember who they represent.”

“Lyman Hall Elementary, new year, same old problems, only worse! I, along with many other teachers, left that school and I’m so glad I did. I’m still in touch with several teachers there, and they’re miserable. When will the BOE open their eyes and get over there to see what’s actually going on?”

“I really appreciate all these businesses lowering their flags to half-mast. But on Friday, at sunset, the flags were supposed to go back up to full-mast. We have a lot of businesses that don’t follow instructions.”

“I see the council voted a raise for the interim manager. I guess they could afford it since the mosquito truck hasn’t been out all summer. I bet Mr. Edwards would have had it done already.”

“Grocery store owners, please teach your baggers how to bag groceries, what items go in what bags with what. They put bug spray in with ice cream. And tell them to not lick their fingers to open a bag.”

“I want to thank Chick-fil-A for closing Sundays and showing their respect.”

“In light of the termination of Mr. Edwards, I think the city council should do the right thing and get an outside source to hunt for a new manager so no improprieties will occur.”

“Justin Frasier doesn’t even live in the unincorporated area, but he’s going to vote on $500 extra fee for the fire service. He won’t even pay it. It’s not right.”

“Better watch out, Chief Stagmeier. The non-politician public servant is coming after you next. Your job is not secure. She’s right she’s not a politician. That’s why she needs to get out.”

“Support the USA. Get rid of all them sports cattle.”

“Chick-fil-A commenters, do you not realize Chick-fil-A has not been open Sunday for the last umpteen years. If you need a chicken sandwich so bad, buy it Saturday and warm it up Sunday.”

“Only somebody from up North would complain about the Christians closing their business on Sunday.”

“I don’t understand this article about the District 1 council member. I’ve lived on this street for years and other council members have knocked on my door to explain themselves. I’ve never seen this woman.”

“Now the bypass around Hinesville is too expensive, really? It wasn’t too expensive when you were coming around asking us to pass SPLOST. Another broken promise.”

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