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Sound off for Oct. 28

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The Liberty County educator that was recently named Ga. School Counselor of the Year WAS a great school counselor. Unfortunately, she no longer serves students. The Courier article said in the first paragraph that she was a guidance counselor at Bradwell. Later in the article, it said she is a student-support specialist at the central office. As usual, the superintendent prefers to expand her staff at the central office instead of leaving people at the school level, where they will have the most impact on students.

Why does the Courier refuse to print comments about the “chiefs” at the BOE office? The public, and our uninformed BOE members, deserve to know that Liberty County is paying high salaries to people who live in Atlanta and visit Hinesville for a few days each week and stay in a hotel so they can collect a check. Let’s hope they are paying a regular hotel rate and not getting a government rate or being tax-exempt.

Well, Hinesville, if you want the same old, same old, you know who to vote for. Rich getting richer, we are paying more taxes, so if you want the same old, same old, you know who to vote for.

A lot of people were inconvenienced by the city of Midway on (Oct. 13). The city did not post the agenda for the city-council meeting five days prior to the meeting as required by law, so the meeting had to be canceled. Yet the city did not notify the council members or the people who were to present to the council. What a way to run a city.

It has come very clear to me now that the Sound off prints what they want to hear because I had several articles in there over the past month, and none of them have shown up. It’s good knowledge for the people and for the city of Hinesville, and nothing has been printed. I think the person who is doing this is only doing what they feel like they’d want to be out there. This is sad.

This is not right, is it? People on Social Security and retirement and VA is not getting a raise this year. This makes the third time since Obama’s been president. After he was going to get a raise, the federal government gets a raise, but us that’s not drawing as much is not getting one. That’s not fair. It hasn’t been fair to the retirees. It’s time somebody steps up and does something for the retirees.

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