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Sound off for Oct. 30
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"Heads up Dr. Perry! The first thing you need to do in order to straighten out this school system is to allow principals to discipline disruptive students. PBIS has failed. Capturing Kids Hearts has not faired too well either! You have got to start punishing these kids for their misbehavior and stop giving them 10 chances or more before you do something. Kids are in actual fights with punches thrown and nothing is being done."

"Liberty County Schools need to change the dress code on logos on children jackets. My son told me that his teacher said he could not wear his jacket because he had a Nike logo on it. The jacket was school color. The school needs to worry about grades instead of logos on jackets."

"When Mr. Clancy, who is running for Midway mayor, was asked a question about the $2 million city hall in Midway. He answered with an outburst and said, I’m tired of talking about the city hall. It’s a done deal! He has acted like this along with Mayor Washington. It’s time to send them home."

"I agree that teachers should dress respectfully and in dress code. I don’t agree with parents that show up to school in their pajamas, short shorts, tank tops, etc. You want us to be respectful, then I suggest you do the same."

"Has anyone else noticed that nothing has been printed about POTUS for a while? Does that mean the one responsible for postings is afraid or that the paper is pro POTUS? Maybe when war, racism, etc. meets you personally, you will acknowledge that this information is good to keep folks informed along with the stuff that doesn’t matter; awards, barbecue, etc."

"Have you noticed the traffic around here recently, how busy it is? Who are these people, where are they coming from and why are they here?"

"Anyone who visits the Liberty County Jail, the main desk, and have to talk through that window to a deputy, there’s a handset on the wall that’s got some contagion on it. Don’t put it up to your ear."

"A slap in the face to the people who don’t have Internet, don’t want Internet, now can’t go on the access line at the bank to keep up with our accounts. If the people in charge knew what it meant for older people, they would have kept it."

"There’s people trying to find any kind of excuse to give Donald Trump credit. I’m going to see what you’re going to say when he snatches health care out from under you."

"In Sunday’s paper, Mayor Washington stated that if elected she plans to eliminate the blight in the city. Why hasn’t she done anything about it for the past eight years in office, even when it was pointed out to her? Does she think we’re fools?"

"Children are not the only ones who bully. I’ve heard teachers say very bad things to kids."

"I went to get my teeth pulled at Aspen Dental, near Walmart. They did a wonderful job. I want to say thank you."

"The Liberty County School Board is still having a dispute. There are a couple board members that were feuding and disagree about everything. You need to get on an accord and act professional. Ya’ll are supposed to be leading the kids."

"I hope that Delta Airlines stewardess is no longer with Delta."

"Someone needs to bring Sen. McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee and start screening some of these morons."

"To the person who stole my lawn mower in Arlington Park Sunday, I did file a police report and I do have a picture. Please bring it back. You have one week."

"Us seniors don’t need more water, we need a lower bill."

"As a citizen of Walthourville I don’t understand why all these calls against the mayor get in. This morning there were even two shots on the mayor. And here’s people calling to show appreciation of our mayor and they never get in. Why is that?"

"Mr. Charles Frasier you need to go back and get your position back. The person in your seat now needs to go."

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