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Have You Seen This? The power of the sea
I have mentioned before that the ocean scares me with its power and size. Well, this video isn't helping that fear. - photo by John Clyde
THAT LIGHTHOUSE I have recently admitted in a Have You Seen This article that I have a healthy respect for the ocean. Who am I kidding, it terrifies me. Not as much as bears, mind you, but that giant blue unknown can give me the willies.

The ocean is powerful, unforgiving and unrelenting at times, and this video is more than proof that all of those statements are true.

This video was taken in Taiwan when Typhoon Megi paid a visit. The quick 30-second clip shows massive waves crashing into a sea wall and then shooting up into the air, creating some of the biggest waves ever caught on film. To put this into perspective, the light house the waves are punishing stands 75 feet. At times these waves are more than doubling that height and completely consuming the lighthouse.

I can't speak for you, but this video left me speechless. The raw power and force the ocean can create reminds me that I'm a land-lover. But bears are on land, so maybe I will live on the ocean. But sharks are in the ocean, so maybe I should head back to land. But bears are the sharks of the land, so maybe I should head back to sea. But this video proved the sea can be a giant-waved monster so I should come back to land. But land still has bears.

Forget it, I'm doomed however I look at it. Just watch the video and enjoy while I try and figure out my living situation.
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