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From conformation to transformation; renewing the mind
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The great Apostle Paul instructs us in Romans 12:2; “and be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Conform is to be similar or identical to. It means to be in agreement or harmony with. Transform is to change the outward form or appearance as well as a change in character or condition. In other words, Paul is telling us through this writing that God wants us as believers, his disciples, NOT to be just like the world! (Unsaved) The writing signifies that God wants the world to see a change in our form, a change in our appearance, a change in character, as well as a change in our condition. Paul tells the believers this transformation is achieved by the renewing of their mind. 

It’s important for the world to be able to recognize that we belong to Christ! That’s why there are things me must not be named amongst. The world will not believe we truly belong to God if we involve ourselves in the same worldly behavior as them, such as: cussing, fussing, wearing improper attire (EXTREME)! They will not recognize us as followers of Christ if we’re hanging in the clubs, slipping, dipping, ducking, dodging, and acting in an unseemly manner. 

The truth of the matter is, the unsaved expect a difference from those of us professing salvation! 

I am of the opinion that we are living in a time wherein everybody wants to fit in somewhere. You know; “get in where you fit in!” People like to be a part of the IN CROWD, INNER CIRCLE, CLICK, if you will. Unfortunately, as it is in the world, so it is in the body of Christ, the church. Even people in the church find themselves behaving in a like manner to the world. They want to go to the church that has the largest most beautiful edifice the church with the baddest musicians, choirs, and praise team. They want to join themselves to the church that teaches and preaches only prosperity. Never mind the fact there will indeed be a lake burning with fire and brimstone for all liars and whoremongers. Believers seem to want to be at the church filled with, fashionistas, bold divas, and the show stopping, jaw dropping cars parked in the lot. To them this somehow signifies PROSPERITY! Because of this, it looks as if the church is conforming to the world instead of the church transforming the world. 

For me, sometimes it’s hard to tell the night from day (save from unsaved). This is one on many reasons the enemy has been able to infiltrate the church. The enemy has learned how to quote the scriptures, (sometimes better than the believer) talk about the Lord while having a quickening experience and the onset of speaking in an unknown tongue. This does not demonstrate to the world that we have changed! Many have a form of godliness but no real transformation. In fact, many in the church have perfected the art of theatrics. It’s disheartening that believers have learned to talk the lingo and dress the part, but are unable to live according to God’s word. Let me assure you today; God wants a few people willing to BE THAT CHANGE! 

I believe, people don’t hear what you say, they hear what you do. (Now I know that’s bad grammar; but it’s good theology) The bible tells us to be doers of the word and not hearers only. I bet that’s why grandma used to say; “actions speak louder than words. 

The world must be able to see that transformation we say has taken place within us through our demonstrated behavior. God is calling boys and girls, men and women, young and old, red, yellow, black and white…we’re all precious in his sight. 

The Apostle in the text clearly understood that he could not talk one thing and be something else through his behavior. Paul’s change was one of a renewing of the mind. He allowed God to begin again, make spiritually new, rebuild, revive, and regenerate his old mind. We serve a God of action and he is calling us to follow after him. As children of God, let us examine ourselves, transform our minds and BE THE CHANGE! 

Debra “Dee” Dyer is the Pastor of New Vision Restoration Center and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance. 

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