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Long County school district makes AYP
MR Long Co AYP
Long County High School was one of three schools in Long County to make the AYP standards. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
All Long County schools made the Adequate Yearly Progress standards for the 2007-2008 year.
According to Federal Programs Director Kathy Simmons, the AYP standards are federal requirements for all schools under the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act.
 “We are very proud of each of the school’s accomplishments, and believe that our school system is second to none,” Simmons said.
According to new Assistant Superintendent Dr. Glen Purcell, Long County was one of only 34 school systems out of the 184 across the state that had all schools in their system make the AYP standards.
 “It is an extremely difficult endeavor for a school system to have all of their schools meet the AYP standards. It is quite an achievement for our school system to have done this,” Purcell said. “It is a great reflection on the students, teachers, parents, administrators, and all of the staff for the system to accomplish this.”
Long County High School met standards for the second year in a row, officially removing the school from the “Needs Improvement” list. The high school continued to show improvement in its graduation rate, rising to 73.2 percent this year from 67.1 percent last year — a 6 percent increase from the 2006-2007 school year to 2007-2008 year.
Walker Middle School and Smiley Elementary School once again met the standards, for the fourth and sixth consecutive years respectively. Both schools also maintained their “Distinguished School” status for 2008.
 “In the three weeks since I have been here, I have looked at the programs and initiatives that the schools already have in place and there is a great foundation to build on for continuing to improve,” Purcell said.

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