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HPD Blotters for June 10
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports: 

Simple Battery: On May 28, a woman called police to say her husband snatched her cellphone out of her hands while she was talking to her friend. She said she and her husband got into an argument and she told her husband to leave. She said she allowed him back into the house because she didn’t want him yelling through the door. The husband said he didn’t touch his wife and that the argument was about her not cleaning the house and not wanting to be intimate when he wanted.

Theft by Taking: On May 28 a woman called police to report a stolen rental vehicle which was taken April 27. The woman said she rented the Dodge Chargers on April 27 and allowed a gentleman she knew borrow the car to go to the store.

After the man failed to return from the store in a timely manner the woman contacted him on his cellphone. The man told her he had taken the car to visit family in Alabama and that he would return the car to the rental dealership there. However the man never did. Enterprise called the woman saying they were going to file a report of a stolen vehicle.

The woman called the Huntsville Police Department and gave them the address of where the man said he was staying but the man and the car were not located. HPD asked the woman why she waited

so long to report the car missing. The woman said she was only trying to give the man the benefit of the doing the right thing, which he didn’t.

Simple Battery: A woman walked into the HPD Office May 28 to report that she had an argument with her boyfriend and she asked him to leave the house. She said her boyfriend refused to leave so she stepped outside and she said her boyfriend followed her out. The woman said she got into her car and her boyfriend stood by the door. She said her boyfriend started chasing her around her car. She said he grabbed her by the hair and the throat and that he attempted to grab her cellphone. She said they both ended up on the ground. The woman said she jumped up, got inside her car, locked the door and called police.

The woman said while she was on the phone with dispatch her boyfriend was banging on the window and it shattered.

The woman said her boyfriend pulled off the shattered window and unlocked the door and attempted to stop her from driving off by grabbing the wheel and hitting the brakes. The woman said she jumped out and began to walk away. The woman said she walked back into the house.

She said her boyfriend followed her back in

the house, took her house keys and car keys and left. The woman said she has not heard from her boyfriend since the incident.

Burglary: A woman reported that her two Xbox and PS4 video game systems were taken from her Hinesville home on May 28. The woman told police she found a back window open she got home. She said someone also rummaged through her bedroom but nothing was taken. The woman told police that a Hispanic male wearing black shorts and red shoes had come to her house previously trying to sell her a security system. Police told the woman to gather the serial numbers of the items missing to add those to the report.


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