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Legal eagles still soaring at 90 and more
Dubberly and Cook
Dan Dubberly, left, and Robert Cook brought more than 12 decades of legal knowledge into Liberty County courtroom last week.

On the second floor of the Liberty County Judicial Complex, two lawyers represented their sides with civility, cordiality and deference – even in a contentious issue.

A will was being contested – and the attorneys in the case have lengthy careers in the law.

“We’ve got 182 years’ worth of knowledge,” cracked Robert Cook, one of the attorneys in the matter.

Cook is 90 years old. And he’s the younger one.

Cook, who has been practicing law since 1964, was up against Daniel Dubberly of Glennville – who was admitted to the bar in 1955 and is 92 years old.

“I’ve known him since I started practicing law in 1964,” Cook said, “and I’ve always known him to be a gentleman. And his family is the same way.”

Dubberly said he can reciprocate the sentiments.

“It’s always been a good relationship,” he said, going to when Cook served as probate judge in Chatham County.

Even with their years in the law, both Cook and Dubberly said they’ve only been opposing counsel in a case on fewer than a handful of cases. 

Even after a combined 122 years of law between them, both Cook and Dubberly agree they still enjoy their work.

“It keeps me alive,” Cook said, eliciting a chuckle from Dubberly. “It makes me get up and go to work every day. If I didn’t do that, I’d probably just deteriorate.”

“It’s kind of the same with me,” Dubberly said.

What makes them want to keep doing it, they said in concurring opinions, was the people they help.

“If we didn’t like people, we probably wouldn’t do this business,” Cook said.

Added Dubberly, “We help people. That’s our job. Our job is to help people.”

They also don’t take being on opposite sides for a morning personally.

“We’ll bang our heads together today but tomorrow, we may have dinner together,” Cook said. “We’re doing a job, the best we can.”


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