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Liberty Schools purchase PPE equipment for safety
LCSS PPE Purchase
Photo provided New PPE equipment is being used at Liberty County Schools.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact communities, Liberty County School System remains committed to taking the necessary steps to protect our students and staff.

 The COVID-19 situation changes daily and challenges the school district to protect all stakeholders. Liberty County School System has done a great job of stopping the spread up to this point, but we continue looking for ways to further protect our staff and students. 

Sanitizing foggers have been purchased for each school in an effort to maintain safe and sanitary environments for students and staff. 

These foggers kill viruses and bacteria and are shown to be highly effective. 

Disinfecting will be conducted, by teams of trained and experienced custodians, using an EPA registered disinfectant. 

Treatments will be performed after school hours to avoid school/class interruptions. 

Once a space has been fogged, it can be occupied after 4 hours. 

Custodial leads at each school have been trained and tested on the use of the sanitizing devices. 

They are skilled in the effective application of cleaning products, proper chemical handling and safety protocols including the donning and removal of personal protective equipment (PPE) (e.g., masks, eye protection, gloves, coveralls) and proper waste disposal techniques

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