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Churches burglarized
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Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes said he has a message for whoever’s responsible for a series of recent church break-ins.

“I’m coming for you,” Sikes said Thursday, after Light of the World Deliverance Center in Highway 84 was ransacked Wednesday night.

The church is the fourth in recent weeks to be burglarized, Sikes said. Officials suspect more than one person is responsible for the break-ins,  and they’re primarily targeting music and sound equipment. He appealed to the community to identify the crooks, saying “somebody knows something.”

“Anyone that would break in the good Lord’s house for personal gain needs to be behind bars,” Sikes said.

Minister Jerry Johnson of Light of the World Deliverance Center said the theft was upsetting, especially given that music is “a main part of our praise and worship.”

Johnson said the church congregation will be praying for those who are committing the break-ins.

“We pray for everybody, and we pray they’ll have a change of heart “ he said. “Hopefully they won’t try to enter into anyone else’s church and take something.”

Johnson said there was a time when you could leave churches unlocked and let them be sanctuaries.

“We make sure things are locked up now. It shouldn’t be like that, but it’s a new year and a new time.”

Other local churches effected by the break-ins include: The Long Reach Church of Christ on E. B. Cooper Highway, Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church on Wilder Road in Walthourville and the Pentecostal House of Praise Mission on King Road in Walthourville.

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