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Long County grad wins Emmy
Ciara Frisbie

Long County High School class of 2012 graduate Ciara Bri'd Frisbie was recently awarded the 2020 Southeast Emmy Award in the category of Documentary Historical (The Casanova Killer). The award was for her work as part of the team for TEGNA/11Alive's documentary-series team "Atticus Investigates.”


Frisbie is a national and regional award-winning journalist in Atlanta. Today she serves as the Digital Episodic Investigative Producer for the Atticus Investigates team.

Frisbie said she first considered a career in nursing.

“But during my third year, before certification, I realized I didn’t do well with blood,” she said.

But Frisbie said she was always interested in writing. During her senior year at Long County High School she was mentored by former Coastal Courier Correspondent Mike Riddle on a journalism project.

Frisbie said she knew Riddle since 2001 and was life-long friend’s with Riddle’s daughter Haley throughout her school years.

She said that project made her realize she could make a difference as an investigative reporter and she never looked back.

“The most important aspect of my job and what I hope to accomplish and contribute is…I really feel like journalism is needed now more than ever,” she said. “We need to be able to hold people accountable. We need journalists to speak for those that can’t necessarily speak for themselves. I don’t want to work on stories that may make some waves. I want to work on news that really drives change in other people’s lives. Showcase communities that are disproportionately impacted by the world around them.”

Her career started at CNN where she was a freelance investigative journalist for two years. She later landed the job with 11 Alive and has been thriving.

“I’m still very much in shock with everything that has happened so far and all the opportunities that been presented to me,” the Georgia State University graduate said. “I knew I needed to get out and worked hard and took the first opportunity I could as scary as it was. I really just went after it. I didn’t let my circumstances hold me back from what I wanted to do.”

Her team was nominated for three Emmys and took home one for their work on the Episode entitled “The Casanova Killer.”

"I am so proud of Ciara, as a student in Long County, she was always driven and an over achiever...she was one girl who you just knew would be successful.  Her work ethic and drive has already resulted in much success as a young adult, and with her there are no boundaries to what she can eventually achieve,” Riddle said.


Frisbie said she is taking things one day at a time and looks forward to possible managing her own documentary team. She said she wants to tackle things that deal with social justice, human interest and mental health issues.

Her advice to others looking to chase their passion is, “Go for it. You never know unless you try,” she said.

Her most recent awards and achievements include:

● 2020 Southeast Emmy Award recipient Documentary Historical (The Casanova Killer)

● Contributing byline in the Newsy/USA TODAY investigation, Open Wide, which showcases how a fast-growing dental chain finds dentists pressed to hit revenue goals, leading to claims of unneeded treatment.

● A settlement by trial agreement was reached in a case that was highlighted in an Atticus-original investigation, “Calling for Care". The investigation looked at abuse claims made by patients, while admitted to Georgia-based behavioral health hospitals, owned and operated by Universal Health Services Inc.

● Mothers Matter docu-series featured on the HBO's "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver (8/18/19)

● 2019 NABJ Salute to Excellence awardee for Television Top 15 Markets - Documentary | Mothers Matter

● National Edward R. Murrow awardee for Excellence in Innovation (11Alive/WXIA - Atticus Investigates)

● 2019 National Gracie Award winner for documentary (Atticus | Mothers Matter).

● 2x Regional Edward R. Murrow Award recipient (News Series | Mothers Matter) and Excellence in Innovation (11Alive/WIXA - Atticus Investigates).


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