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Long honors departing commissioners
0104 Long outgoing Commissioners
Four outgoing Long County commissioners were honored at a ceremony where they received plaques for their work.
Recently, newly elected Long County Commission member Wallace Shaw presented former county commissioners Charles Reddish, Mike McGowan, Randy Wilson and Tony Fowler with plaques as a token of appreciate for their work. All chose not to run for re-election in 2008.
Reddish, who represented the 1st District, was elected in 2004 and served from 2005-2008.  
“We got a lot done over the last four years, renaming all the roads for the E-911, establishing the (Long County) Code Enforcement Office, the zoning,” Reddish said. “I’m proud of how we all worked together and moved the county forward.”
Added Reddish: “I plan to work hard at my job, be as good a citizen as I can be, and support the county and my new commissioner in the future.”
David Richardson took over for Reddish in the 1st District.
McGowan, who represented the 2nd District, served as a commissioner for 16 years. McGowan was first elected in 1988, and served from 1989-2001. He also served from 2005-2008.
“I am very proud that we were fiscally responsible,” McGowan said. “I always tried to take care of the people’s money as we tried to run the county, as much as we could, like a business.”
“I also am proud of us establishing the Code Enforcement Office, the Planning and Zoning Code, and that the county is now working off a plan.”
McGowan said that he will continue to be involved with the county’s E-911 Plan but in a less-active role.
“I’ve enjoyed working for the people, and appreciate all the help I have received from many different people,” McGowan said. “Right now, I don’t have any immediate plans. I just plan on spending more time with my family and see what the future holds.”
Shaw will replace McGowan in the 2nd District.
Wilson, who represented the 3rd District, was a commissioner for 20 years. He served from 1989-2008.
“I am proud of a lot of things that we have been able to accomplish in the county,” Wilson said. “A couple of things that come to mind are that we were able to install an elevator in the courthouse, so that those people who are handicapped would have an easier time getting upstairs, and we were able to get a sidewalk to the recreation park.”
Wilson added: “The sidewalk had a special meaning to me because a friend of mine had a son get run over while he was riding his bike to the rec park. We needed that sidewalk for the kids.”
Wilson said that his future plans include some traveling and managing his area business interests.
Andy Fuller will replace Wilson in the 3rd District.
Fowler, who like Reddish represented the 5th District, served from 2005-2008.
“I think one of the best things we did for the county was to establish the Planning and Zoning Code, and the Board,” Fowler said. “ … I know a lot of people were not in favor of it at first, but it is something that the county needed, and it will help the county tremendously now and in the long run.”
Fowler said he has no plans for the near future except to work.
Bobby Walker will replace Fowler in the 5th District.
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