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Middle School student disciplined for threat
threat conversation
A student from Lewis Frasier Middle School was disciplined after posting a threat on social media.

A student from Lewis Frasier Middle School was disciplined after posting a threat on social media.

A screen shot of the threat obtained by the Courier shows a text messaged between two students with one student hinting they might be, “shooting up the school,” on Monday.

Liberty County School System administrators were alerted about the post over the weekend, according to Operations Director Jason Rogers.

“Consequently, the local authorities were contacted and investigated the information along with administration,” he said. “In addition, the authorities made a visit to the student’s house Sunday night.”

Rogers said federal law prohibits the LCSS from disclosing any discipline that was imposed upon the student.

Just recently 11 Bradwell Institute students were given a five-day out of school suspension for staging a walk-out to honor the victims of the Parkland Florida shooting and raise awareness about gun violence and laws.

Rogers said once their investigation into the matter was completed a message was drafted for the parents of LFMS students distributed through their automated call system. 

“As you know the District places a high level of importance on the safety of its students and staff and will continue to do so to ensure that everyone is provided with a safe and secure learning environment where instruction and learning can remain the main focus,” Rogers said.

Schools across the nation were preparing for possible walk-outs today, exactly one month after the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The walk-outs are to raise awareness and encourage Congress to enact “common sense” gun laws and a ban on assault rifles.

So far no local walk-outs have been reported.

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