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Month long anti-bullying campaign
Gator Rivers

Save Our Next Generation Fundraiser founder Lisa Brown is planning their first annual month-long virtual fundraising campaign.

Brown said the event will be hosted by Legendary Harlem Globetrotter, Gator Rivers and will focus building an anti-bullying awareness pledge campaign.

The virtual event will run from Nov. 1 through Nov. 31. The theme is spinning around the World in 31 days.


Brown said that on Nov. 1 and through Nov. 31 Rivers will start the basketball spin off challenge live on social media and Tik-tok to get the pledge started. The activity is also for anyone around the world wanting to join in and have fun in support of the cause.

“The beauty of this activity is that you do not have to leave home or wherever you are to participate,” Brown said. “The activity is Co-Ed for Pros and amateurs around the world wanting to join in and have fun in support of the cause. Get creative and bring your spin game-let’s have some fun in support of a worthy cause.”

Browns said the event only requires that the pledge and spinning act be videotaped and posted live to social media. 

“I am anticipating the event to go viral, sending a loud message to children/teens around the world that we not only hear their cries-but we see them,” she said.

The pledge amount will be determined by the number of seconds participants can spin the ball.

“For instance, if the ball spins for 10 seconds, then the pledge amount is $10 and so forth,” Brown explained.

Funds will go towards bullying prevention resources and materials for the program.

For more information and where to send funds visit their website at: 


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