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Police Blotter Dec. 4
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

From Hinesville Police Department reports:


Disturbance: An officer was sent to a Waffle House on Highway 84 around 6:15 a.m. Nov. 24 regarding three women who attacked an employee.

The victim said she was taking their order when one of them “started cursing at her and called her a ‘fat (bleep).’ She stated as the lady continued to call her names and curse, she asked them to leave due to the restaurant having a no cursing policy.”

The victim told them she was calling police, and “as she reached for the phone, she was hit in the face and the phone was snatched out of her hand, breaking the cord, and stopping her from calling the police. The manager had to call on her personal cell phone. (The victim) stated that she backed away from the counter and the lady picked up the cash register and threw it at her, breaking it. She then picked up the wet floor sign, hit her with it, and then fled the scene.”

The victim said she wants to press charges. The officer saw security video which confirmed the victim’s story.


Disorderly conduct, simple battery: A fast food restaurant manager called the cops Nov. 20 because an employee was causing a ruckus.

The manager said the employee showed up that morning with his wife, who “began arguing because of the hours that (her husband) had been scheduled to work.”

The manager said he asked them to leave, but they refused “but after he informed (the employee) that he would no longer be needed as an employee he left with his wife.”

On his way out, the ex-employee began arguing with a customer, then “attempted to hit (the customer) but an employee stepped in between (the two) to prevent any altercation,” the report said.

The customer told the officer he had no idea who the ex-employee was or why he wanted to fight.

The ex-employee was gone when the officer arrived. Attempts to reach him were unsuccessful, the report said, and the manager got a case number.


Theft by taking: No good deed goes unpunished for long. A man said on Nov. 15 he was in town Oct. 25 for his niece’s graduation and wrote her a personal check for $600 as a gift.

“What he did not know, when he removed the check (No. 7311) from his check book, check No. 7312 came with it, and his niece received the $600 that was a gift and a blank check.”

The man learned that his check was missing and his niece had it, and she said she’d send it back to him, “but in the meantime she placed it in her dresser.”

The man learned Nov. 15 it had been cashed, and learned his niece’s boyfriend had cashed it. The man wants to prosecute, the report said.


Shots fired: Officers were sent to a Pineland Avenue address around 4a.m. Nov. 16 regarding shots fired inside an apartment. The complainant said she got into a fight with a man earlier that night at Boots Bar and Grill because the man had been beating his girlfriend, who is a friend of the complainant’s.

The complainant said she saw the man later with her friend outside her home and started yelling at him, and he pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the place up, then “pistol whipped (her friend) in the face.”

Ultimately, police were told that the man fired his handgun in the bathroom and living room and threatened to kill the complainant and another witness before leaving. The woman, who had clearly been hit in the face, told police she was “’10 months pregnant’” and the man with the gun was the baby’s father. Police found a couple 9 millimeter shell casings and bullet holes in the home.

Police searched for the man but had no luck.


Suspicious acts: An 83-year-old Lawnwoods Drive woman set off her burglary alarm around 11:30 p.m. Nov. 23 after “she heard people walking on her roof. Shew as visibly shaken and even crying from being afraid. She was on the phone with the alarm company when I arrived on the scene. When I entered the residence, I noticed a large machete inside the door, on top of a box. There were also other knives placed around the residence.”

The officer asked the woman to show him where she heard the noises and she pointed out areas where it would be impossible for someone to be on the roof, the report said, and noted the woman lives alone with no one to help her. The officer referred her case to DFACS in order for her to get some help from adult protective services.


Disturbance: Police were sent to a West Oglethorpe Highway address around 10:15 p.m. Nov. 24 regarding a disturbance. The complainant said a woman “refused to leave her residence after being asked to leave multiple times. She said (the woman) also punched her in the left eye and pulled her hair.”

The complainant said she let the woman in, “but later asked her to leave when she began to get loud with her. She said (the woman) had been drinking prior to arriving at her residence.”

The complainant said when they began to fight, a male friend had to “grab (the woman) and pull her out of the residence,” the report said, and at some point “(the woman) broke the wooden banister at the entrance of her residence. (Complainant) did not state how (the woman) broke the banister, but it was not broken prior to the incident.”

While the officer was talking to the complainant, two other officers saw the woman “peeping around the corner of the rear of the trailer.”

They detained her.

“(She) was noticeably intoxicated,” the report continued, and the woman gave a few false names, including that of her mother, before they finally figured out who she was. Then, officers learned she was wanted in three counties.

In the meantime, police charged her with giving a false name and took her to jail, where she refused to get out of the patrol car and had to be “assisted,” inside. Inside the jail, the woman became “combative” and had to be restrained.

The complainant, meanwhile, declined to press charges. 

Robbery: A woman reported Nov 24 she was sleeping in the back seat of her car in the Walmart parking lot when she was robbed.

The woman said she was sleeping her car “because the battery was dead, and she was out of gas until 11-25-19,” the report said.

She told police she was asleep when she heard the driver side door open and then begin closing.

“She sat up and saw a black male, roughly 5-7, with a medium build, wearing a short sleeve shirt and pants … slam the door and take off running,” the report continued.

The man took her wallet and phone and ran towards a nearby car dealership and head east, she told police.

The wallet was “a Batman billfold style wallet worth around $5 with multiple cash cards containing no funds, and her GA license,” the report said. The phone, an LG STYLO 4, was worth around $200.


Simple battery: Police were sent to an E.G. Miles bar around 4 p.m. Nov. 23 regarding a fight.

There, the owner said two employees “were fighting in the back of the business,” the report said.

Employee A said she and the other employee were in a relationship and “have lived together,” but a day earlier had some issues at home and at work they began to argue. “(Employee B) was upset and her actions were noticed by customers and other staff at work,” the report said.

The owner said she asked Employee B to go home so she could calm down but the woman refused to leave and “started taking her problems to the customers by telling them about her problems with (Employee A).”

So, the owner told Employee B to leave and come back the next day to get her check because she was no longer employed.

When Employee B came back for her check she attacked Employee A. The fight was caught on video.

Nobody wanted to press charges, but they didn’t want Employee B back on the property.


Theft: A Pinefore Lane man reported Nov. 23 someone broke into “the right front passenger window of his truck and stole three packs of Marlboro Light cigarettes and a bottle of prescription pills (Naproxen).”

The man said he’d locked his pickup at 8 p.m. the night before and noticed the window “completely shattered” the next morning. 

The three packs were taken from a carton of cigarettes, which still sat on the dashboard. And, the man noted the thieves didn’t take his pistol, which was hidden under the steering wheel.


Harassing communication: A woman reported Nov. 22 she got a call from her child’s father wanting to speak to their son.

The woman said during the call the father threatened to kill the son, “as an attempt to intimidate (the woman) concerning child support. He also said, ‘You never know, something can happen to you too,’ referring to (her).”

The woman said she took the phone away from her son and hung up, and he called back a number of times before telling her it was OK if she called the cops because he knew her address.

The woman said “prior to the phone calls today, (the father) had no interactions with her or her son for the last eight years.”

The woman said she was afraid for her and her son’s life. She got a case number and was told how to get a protective order and a warrant.



Simple assault: An officer was sent to a Saunders Avenue apartment around 3:42 p.m. Nov. 22 “in reference to a fight in progress,” a report said.

The officer met with the complainant, who said she was walking to her car when a woman “walked up to her wihle yelling about the things the two of the have been saying on Facebook,” the report said. “(The complainant) stated once the two of them got face to face, (the woman) grabbed her on the left side of her head by the hair and let go when she said she was going to call the police.”

The report noted the officer didn’t see any injuries or signs of a fight. He then talked to a witness, who said the argument never turned into a fight.

“He stated the two women got in each other’s faces while screaming and pointing at each other. He stated the argument started because (the two women) had been taunting each other on Facebook.”

The other woman then showed up and her statement matched that given by the man, who is also her boyfriend. She said it never got physical but she did tell the woman “to stop running her mouth on Facebook,” etc.


Found property: A Windrow Drive man called the cops Nov. 22 regarding a suspicious package. He said his son came home from work around 2 p.m. and saw his father’s driver’s side door was open.

The two men walked outside and noticed nothing was missing, but he “noticed a white plastic wrapped box about 16 inches long, eight inches wide and five or six inches deep laying on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat.”

The tracking number on the package showed it had been delivered to another man at a nearby address on Sept. 27. The officer tried to contact someone at that home, but had no luck. A case number was put on the door and the package was taken to HPD for safekeeping, the report said.


Suspicious acts: An officer was sent to the Super Walmart around 10:28 a.m. Nov. 22 “in reference to an unknown subject possibly threatening to shoot up the business.”

The complainant said a cashier had an incident with a customer on Nov. 18 in which the customer told her that her niece, who works at the Neighborhood Market East, told her that “an unknown white female that works at (the Super Walmart) was going to shoot up the business on Thanksgiving day.”

Police looked through video to see if they could find the customer and managers “stated they would go through their files to see if they could find a name for the white female that was alleged to work the and also allegedly made the statement about shooting up the business,” the report said.

The reporting officer went to the Neighborhood Market and talked to “number employees” there, but none “was able to provide any further information in reference to this incident.”

Simple battery: An officer was sent to a Fowler Street address regarding a domestic incident.

There, the complainant said her husband’s sister “had hit her on the back of the head. “(Complainant) stated while packing up her items into the back of her vehicle an argument ensued between her and (her sister-in-law). (Complainant) stated while her back was turned, (sister-in-law) came behind her and hit her on the back of the head,” the report said.

The complainant’s husband said much the same, noting his sister “used both hands and hit (the complainant)

In the back of the head hard.”

Both he and the complainant said they just wanted to get their belongings and leave.

The alleged offender “did not want to talk about the incident and stated that she was dying and did not want to get up off the ground,” the report said. “(She) was wearing a hospital gown with various tubes connected to her body, but not to a machine. (She) was very argumentative and was blaming (her brother and sister-in-law) for not respecting her. (She) stated she has cancer and was undergoing treatment.”

The complainant got a case number and was told how to take out a warrant. The officer stayed there until she and her husband left.

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