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Alleged robbery victim won't press charges
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A Taylor Road man who was allegedly robbed at gunpoint Aug. 10 decided not to press charges against three robbery suspects, said Hinesville Police Department Det. Kyle Lairamore.
“While we were conducting the investigative interviews, he (the victim) stated he did not want to press charges,” Lairamore said.
The robbery victim told police that before the robbery, he was involved in a vehicle accident on Aug. 7 in the parking lot of Raintree Apartments.
According to the police report, the driver of the other vehicle asked the robbery victim not to call police about the accident. The driver told the robbery victim he did not have insurance and had a warrant against him. The victim and the driver agreed to exchange telephone numbers and the robbery victim agreed to pay the other driver $300 for vehicle repairs.
The robbery victim told police the driver followed him home and left the area once the victim entered his apartment.
Three days later, the driver came to the robbery victim’s door along with two women. The driver and the women wanted to discuss the $300 the victim had agreed to pay for the vehicle repairs, according to the police report.
The robbery victim told police that one of the women claimed she owned the car involved in the accident, and that she needed the money before her husband came home. The driver then told the robbery victim that repairs would cost $3,000, not $300.
According to the police report, the robbery victim told the suspects he did not have $3,000. The driver then allegedly told the victim to get a loan from the bank while lifting up his shirt to display a black handgun he allegedly had tucked into his waistband.
The victim told police that because he was scared, he agreed to go to a local bank for a loan. The driver accompanied the victim to the bank, according to the police report. The victim said the bank denied him a loan, after which he and the driver returned to his apartment.
The robbery victim told police the driver and the women began to steal his possessions. The suspects allegedly took a 42-inch flat screen TV, a Toshiba laptop computer and a Playstation 3.
Once the suspects left his apartment, the victim ran to a neighbor and called 9-1-1. The victim also showed police a black hat allegedly worn by the driver that was left at his apartment.
Soon after receiving the call, the suspects were taken into custody for questioning. They were not charged in the incident and were released.
The victim also was able to recover his possessions, according to Lairamore.
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