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Another pleads to militia related charges
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Randall Blake Dearman entered a negotiated plea Tuesday morning in Liberty Superior Court before Judge Robert Russell.

Dearman is one of five people who were indicted in September on charges connected with an anti-government militia with ties to Fort Stewart. Several other members of FEAR (Forever Enduring, Always Ready) stand accused in the December 2011 killings of Tiffany York and Michael Roark in Long County.

As part of the deal, Dearman is expected to testify against his older brother, Adam Dearman, who faces multiple counts of street gang activity and has been identified by Atlantic Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Isabel Pauley as a FEAR leader.

Adam Dearman also is being prosecuted for a December 2011 shooting in Elbert County.

Pauley said Adam Dearman was a military police officer who was discharged sometime before the deaths of York and Roark. The brothers lived in Elberton County, where Adam Dearman allegedly conducted business on behalf of FEAR, even while incarcerated for the Elbert County shooting.

The ADA said Adam Dearman’s influence on his younger brother is what drew Randall Dearman to FEAR, but she said Randall Dearman was not a member.

Randall Dearman originally faced 29 counts of street gang activity, entering autos, burglaries and assorted felonies. Pauley said Randall Dearman came to Liberty County and participated in several car break-ins with the intent of selling stolen items to raise money to post his older brother’s bond after the Elbert County shooting.

In court, Pauley said Randall Dearman would testify against his brother and defendants in York and Roark killings.

Isaac Aguigui, Anthony Pendon and Christopher and Heather Salmon all are charged in the killings. Another suspect, Michael Burnett, accepted a plea deal of involuntary manslaughter in August and is expected to also testify.

The state is seeking the death penalty for Aguigui.

Pauley said Randall Dearman will testify against Aguigui for his alleged involvement in the deaths of Aguigui’s wife and unborn baby in July 2011, the killings in Long County and other related FEAR activity that Randall Dearman reportedly learned about from his brother.

Randall Dearman told the judge, “He told me he had good friends who would help him out, pay for where he stayed, let him borrow a vehicle … Somebody had his back, and he said he would do anything for these guys.”

Randall Dearman said he was with his brother in North Georgia during the Elbert County shooting. Both were arrested, but he was released.

“After he got arrested, he wanted me to get in touch with Aguigui,” Dearman told the judge.

He testified that he later met his brother’s friends in Liberty County. He admitted he had been drinking and doing drugs when he broke into cars. Randall Dearman was arrested inside barracks on Fort Stewart. He has been in the Liberty County Jail since.

Under the agreement, Dearman will serve 15 years probation. A five-year prison sentence was suspended. He faced one year in prison but was credited for time served and was released to his probation officer after processing.


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