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Hinesville Police blotter for July 15
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Possession of marijuana
Disorderly conduct
Simple battery
July 8, 2007
W. Oglethorpe Highway

An altercation at the Wal-Mart left the offenders and the store isle covered in paint. Officers who responded to the call found the parties involved were covered in tan paint as well as part of isle 13 and the infant clothing section of the store.
A married couple told the officers they were pushing their shopping cart down the isle when two men, later identified as brothers, stepped in front of their cart and caused her to run into one of them.
That started a verbal altercation that turned physical when one of the brothers hit the husband in the face. At that point, all four became involved in an altercation and when the woman got slapped in the face, she reportedly picked up a can of paint from the shopping cart and hit one of the brothers in the head. She told the officers she then slipped and fell, and the paint can opened and splattered the area.
The brothers reported to police the husband requested they take the fight outside and once in the parking lot, he pulled a knife from his pocket.
Police did not find any weapons on the husband but his wife admitted to keeping a gun in her purse. Police confiscated a loaded five-shot Derringer.
When the officers questioned the two brothers, one became very belligerent and was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct. Officers then found a small amount of what appeared to be marijuana in his cigarette pack. He was taken to police station and the other three parties involved were taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center for treatment on minor wound sustained during the scuffle.

Criminal trespass
 July 8, 2007
Walberg Street

An abandoned house on Walberg Street is thought the site of gang activity after police officers found graffiti painted on the outside and inside of a shed in the back yard of the residence. Phrases such as “NEVA4GET,” “STONEHEDGE,” and “CPL03” and painted expletives were photographed by police and forwarded to the detective unit.

Public drunk
July 7, 2007
W.  Oglethorpe Highway

Officers were dispatched to the American Legion Post because a man was causing a scene at the bar and slamming his shot glass on the counter. According to the bartender, this was not the first time they had a problem with this man becoming drunk. He reportedly became upset when they refused to serve him any more liquor.

Suspicious activity
July 6, 2007
Regency Place

Police were dispatched to the Regency Place apartment in reference to shots fired and a possible assault. Police made contact with the complainant who stated one of her daughters reported hearing eight shots in the area and that several subjects jumped her cousin. The complainant also stated she only heard what may be one shot or possible fireworks going off. The complainant did notice two men in the area about to start fighting but told police they fled when she told them the cops were on the way.

—Patty Leon

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