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Liberty Co. Sheriffs blotters for July 2

June 10: Suicide attempt — A vehicle drove into a ditch on EB Cooper Highway. The driver was the complainant’s wife, who was not on scene when the deputy arrived.
Her husband claims that she ran into the ditch in an attempt to commit suicide.
There was no damage to the vehicle. The wife went to Memorial for evaluation.

June 11
Possession of a controlled substance, DUI — A deputy observed a car that was swerving on Highway 405.
When the deputy pulled the car over, the driver was unable to provide his insurance or driver’s license.
The driver sounded confused, there was a hint of alcohol on his breath, and his eyes were red. The deputy asked him which state was north of Georgia, and he did not know the answer.
He then asked him which state was north of New York, the driver’s home state, and he said he did not know. When asked what was south of New York, he answered “Vermont.”
Another deputy arrived and brought a K-9 dog. Its behavior changed when it got near the passenger-side door. The deputy searched the car and found marijuana flakes, an open bottle of gin and two Focalin pills.
When tested for sobriety, results showed alcohol in the man’s system.

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