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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Aug. 18

This are recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office:

July 24
Discharge of firearms on public highway — A deputy was dispatched to Live Oak Drive in Hinesville in reference to shots being fired.
The complainant saw a blue or black car with two men leaving after the shots were fired. It seemed they shot bullets into the air.
The complainant did not know the two men, and the deputy was unable to find shell casings or anyone whose property was damaged by bullets.

July 27
Dog bite — A Midway woman’s infant son was bitten in the face by a dog. The deputy saw the bite mark and blood on his face. EMS was called. The dog belonged to another woman who was living in the same house as the complainant and her son.
They were told that the dog had to stay on scene until Environmental Heath arrived.

Matter of record — At Liberty Regional Medical Center, a nurse called a deputy because of a possible assault on a patient.
She said it looked like her patient was bitten by another person while at Tru Playas in Midway. The patient and her husband were in a nearby room, and the deputy saw a bandage on the patient’s left arm.
Her husband told the deputy that they would not answer questions. When the deputy asked the patient what happened, she said she did not know.

July 29
Burglary — There was a burglary on East Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville. The complainant said she left for work around 11 p.m. and returned home in the morning to find her side door kicked open. The only thing she could find missing was a black key to the cash box, which she said contained nothing to begin with.
The deputy found shoe prints on the door that was kicked in as well as in the sand outside.

Dumping waste or litter — On Curtis Road in Hinesville, a man noticed trash along the road. Billing statements of two different people who lived in the same apartment complex were in the trash.
The deputy tried to make contact with the two people but was unable to find them.

July 30
Assist other agency — Dispatch told a Liberty County deputy about a chase taking place in Bryan County that seemed to be heading into Liberty County. Once the car passed the deputy, he followed behind and recorded the vehicle going 110 mph. It looked like two people were in the car.
Eventually, McIntosh County was dispatched to help. Several attempts were made to stop the car, but none worked until they reached Glynn County. The Liberty County deputy was the only one still in pursuit, so he called back McIntosh County to help. He also saw the car passenger throw out about four gallon-sized bags of marijuana from the sunroof.
The two suspects then tried fleeing on foot but eventually were caught.

Matter of record — A deputy went to the Riceboro Youth Center because of a reported fight. The manager said she warned a 21-year-old man about his aggressive behavior while playing basketball with children who were under the age of 16. She wanted him banned from the center.
The deputy gave him a trespass warning.

July 31
Verbal dispute — A deputy was dispatched to Curtis Road in Hinesville in reference to an argument between a husband and wife.
The husband said he and his wife were separating and that she came to the house to get her belongings. A fight started over which items she was taking, but it was not physical. The husband would not let her take their children’s immunization records, but eventually the husband gave them to her.
The deputy told the husband not to damage any of the wife’s property that was left at the house.

Suspicious activity — A possible burglary took place on Turtle Lane in Hinesville after a woman came home to find her dogs extremely excited and in separate rooms, which was not how she left them.
The deputy told her to make sure her outdoor spotlights worked and to have her bushes trimmed so she can easily spot any suspicious figures.

Aug. 5
Matter of record — A deputy went to the Liberty County Jail because of a woman’s rental car being damaged. She doesn’t know when or where the incident could have happened, but she thinks it took place sometime in the morning.

Criminal trespass, simple battery, family violence — A deputy was dispatched to Second Avenue in Midway in reference to a domestic dispute.
The complainant said a woman friend of his had been drinking and got angry with him. He previously had problems with her breaking windows. This time, she broke a light fixture on his front porch. The deputy saw shattered glass on the porch.
However, the woman said she did not break the light fixture.
She claimed that the complainant slapped her on the face. The deputy did not see any marks on her face.

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