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Liberty County Sheriffs Office blotters July 18

July 2: Verbal dispute ­— A Hinesville man called a deputy to his residence due to a fight he had with a woman.
The woman left in a white car before the deputy showed up. The complainant gave the deputy the address that he suspected she was at and told the deputy to tell her to stay off of his property.
When the deputy arrived at the address, the woman was not there.

July 3
Burglary — A complainant on Dunlevie Road in Hinesville said he left his house June 16 to vacation in Atlanta and returned July 3 to find some possessions missing.
A friend had access to his house and said he saw the items July 1.
The items stolen were an Xbox, shotgun and an Army TA50 item.
The person who stole the items was unknown, and there wasn’t any apparent forced entry.

Battery — A Midway woman said she and her boyfriend were in a physical dispute.
The boyfriend showed up at her house while she was cooking dinner. He brought some people over and got upset about the way his girlfriend was dressed while company was over.
He then snatched a gold chain from around her neck, which caused bleeding. She called 911, and he left the area.

July 4

Simple battery, family violence — A deputy went to Fleming for a verbal argument that turned physical between two residents.
The complainant argued with a family member over his alcohol consumption. She said he was verbally abusive at first, and then grabbed her arm and dragged her around the house while knocking over furniture and throwing objects. He dragged her out to the front yard. Damage to the residence reflected what the complainant alleged.
The man fled before the deputy arrived.
The complainant left the house to stay with family.

July 5
DUI, weaving over roadway — A deputy patrolling the area of Highway 196 East noticed a driver continuously crossing the lines.
When the deputy pulled the car over, he saw a Bud Light bottle in the driver’s cup holder. The driver smelled like alcohol, and his eyes were bloodshot.
He said he didn’t drink anything that day, but then admitted to having three beers at a barbecue.
However, the driver said he wasn’t drunk and would take a breath test to prove it. He failed all field sobriety tests, and his breath test showed .162 grams of alcohol.

Criminal trespass — A domestic dispute occurred on Salette Street in Allenhurst.
The complainant said her boyfriend broke her telephone, but the fight never got physical.
The boyfriend admitted to breaking the phone, but he said it was his phone because he paid for it.
He left the house and said he would return the next day to get his belongings.

July 6
Found contraband — A deputy responded to a complaint about noise at a house on Bill Carter Road in Midway.
While the deputy was there controlling the crowd, he found a plastic bag with a green leafy substance inside. He took it and put it in the narcotics box at the jail.

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