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Liberty Sheriffs blotters
Liberty Sheriffs blotters from June 20-26. - photo by Stock photo

June 20
Criminal trespass —  At 12:30 p.m., a deputy responded to Island Drive in reference to a damaged mailbox. Two days ago, the complainant said, her mailbox had not been damaged. The previous day was when she noticed it was damaged. It looked like the damaged was done by a car mirror.

June 21
Verbal dispute — A deputy responded to a report of a couple involved in a verbal dispute. When the deputy arrived, the boyfriend was not there. The girlfriend said her boyfriend, who had been drinking at her residence all day, accused her of texting another man and called her obscene names before taking her cell phone. She later found it under one of her car tires, but she never saw him put it there. There was no physical contact during the dispute.

June 24
Criminal trespass — A complainant said her grandson noticed her back door and been broken open, and the frame was lying on the floor. No items were missing, and the complainant and her grandson said they did not know who could have broken in.

Harassing phone calls — A deputy went to Phillips Road in Hinesville in reference to harassing communications. The complainant said a man she knew had been making threatening calls and text messages to her throughout the day. In different calls, he said, “I’m going to rip your head off and kill you,” and, “I’m going to come down there and have some fun with you.” He called while the deputy was there, but said he did not make any threats and hung up the phone.

June 26
Matter of record — On Butter Blount Road in Fleming, a suspicious person reportedly was seen riding a four-wheeler and drinking alcohol. The complainant said the man was riding around her property, and she saw him drink at least two beers. She said he also was riding on a fire break, which a judge previously told him not to do. The man told the deputy he had been riding a four-wheeler but not on a fire break. There were no tire tracks near the fire break, and the deputy did not smell alcohol on the man. The man did say that while riding his four-wheeler, the complainant’s relative drove past him and made an obscene gesture.

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