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Pittmans retirement party draws a crowd
Well-wishers send officer out with tears, jokes, dance moves
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Guests dressed in costumes surround Lt. Danny Pittman at Club Stewart on Saturday night during Pittmans retirement party, which featured a 1970s-themed dance segment. - photo by Patty Leon

Hugs, tears and a lot of jokes and stories flowed freely Saturday night at Club Stewart, where Lt. Danny Pittman’s retirement party drew hundreds of well-wishers.

Fellow law enforcement officer, lawyers, friends and family members shared memories of Pittman, who retired a few weeks ago after serving more than 20 years with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Steve Sikes recalled that it was his father, former Sheriff Robert Vernon Sikes, who hired Pittman in 1990.
“Danny, God Bless you, buddy,” Sikes said.

The sheriff later gave Pittman his service gun and a meritorious award for his dedication and years of service to the citizens of Liberty County.

While enjoying a meal, attendees laughed as several of Pittman’s co-workers recounted experiences they had with the man everyone knows as “Cuz.” Between giggles, some guests shared touching moments they said they will cherish forever.

“He is the reason that I am standing in front of you here today,” said LCSO Det. Tracy Jennings, who met Pittman when she was a bartender at Doodles more than 20 year ago. “When I told him that I was interested in applying for the dispatcher position, he decided to become one of my biggest cheerleaders.  And I’m not exactly sure if they hired me because they trusted his opinion about me or simply to shut him up. The directors at the time said there wasn’t a week that went by that he didn’t come in and pester them until they put me in that position … and he has had my back ever since, whether it was to support me, help me or torture me in some form or fashion.”

Attorney Mark Hendrix said he had enough fond memories of Pittman  to fill a book. And so did others.

Pittman’s sister Pamela spoke about her brother’s service to the community. “He has made the world a better place,” she said. “He is a wonderful and consummate professional who also has an open heart so it proves that you can do your job, but also have kindness and caring.”

After the tears and laughs, guests danced to 1970s music, some even sporting attire from the era. Cuz joined in the fun, showing off his moves on the dance floor.

Pittman needed just a few words to sum up is feelings regarding the festivities.

“It’s just outstanding,” he said.

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