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Soldier gets three year confinement, dishonorable discharge
Fort Stewart display

On July 18, at a general court-martial convened at Fort Stewart, Georgia, 

Staff Sgt. Ladonies Strong, U.S. Army, was convicted by a military panel composed of eight officer and enlisted members of one specification of negligent homicide and one specification of prevention of authorized seizure of property, in violation of Articles 134 and 131e, Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

According to Chief, Public Communications  Officer Kevin Larson, who issues the release, Strong was acquitted of one specification of involuntary manslaughter, one specification of reckless operation of a vehicle, and two specifications of dereliction of duty, in violation of Articles 119, 113, and 92, UCMJ. 

On July 20, the panel members sentenced Strong to be reduced to the grade of private, E-1, to be confined for three years, and to be discharged from the service with a bad conduct discharge.

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