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Tomato Patch accomplice held in Wayne County
arrest record

Tomato Patch Murder accomplice Jason Jordan was recently arrested in Long County after being released on parole on April 17, 2018. Jordan served nearly 20 years for his role in the death of Thurman Martin in what was deemed the Tomato Patch Murder.

According to the Long County Sheriff’s Office, Jordan was pulled over Jan. 2, 2019 for a tag light out by Deputy Holden Osburn. Deputy Osburn discovered Jordan had a parole violation warrant and subsequently was arrested. Jordan was taken to Wayne County Jail where he is currently being held.

The Department of the Community Supervision could not release any information related to the nature of Jordan’s parole violation.

On July 3, 1997, Jason Jordan and Billy Crowder, Martin’s grandson, were arrested after failing a polygraph test where Jordan reportedly confessed to being involved in Martin’s Murder. Police then found Martin’s body wrapped in a plastic show curtain and buried under a freshly planted strip of tomato plants in his backyard.

It is said Crowder and other members of his family were subject to abuse by Martin. Crowder after being pressed by police voluntarily confessed to murdering his grandfather with Jordan and his stepfather John Stanton by shooting him in his sleep.

Jordan was found guilty of murder and hindering the apprehension of a criminal by Long County Judge Robert Russell. He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Crowder and Stanton were tried together for murder and armed robbery after Crowder took $600 out of Marin’s wallet after his death.

Stanton was found guilty of murder but was acquitted of the armed robbery charge and died while serving his sentence. Crowder was sentenced to life in prison and was released on parole Nov. 28, 2012. 

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