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Two local nurses helped in NY COVID cases

Two Bradwell Institute alumnae went to New York to help in the fight against the pandemic.

Archaiela Murfree, a respiratory therapist living in San Diego, Calif., and Olivia Deigh, a registered nurse living in Atlanta, contracted with Krucial Staffing after they saw the need for help.

Murfree is the daughter of Mr. Anthony and Allison McDaniel. She is a 2007 graduate of Bradwell Institute and was the school’s homecoming queen, and received her Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in respiratory care from Armstrong Atlantic State University, now Georgia Southern University, in 2013.  

Murfree began her respiratory therapy career working critical care at Mayo Clinic hospital. She also received her Master’s in health care administration in 2016.

In order to work in NY, Murfree left her 1-year-old son Samuel Jr. in the care of her family while her husband, Chief Petty Officer Samuel Murfree Sr., also a 2007 BI graduate, is out to sea on the USS Gabrielle Giffords.

“I decided to help because I saw the stories of patients sick and dying alone,” Murfree said. “I thought about all the patients I’ve taken care of and sometimes have been the last person to touch or speak to them. I wanted to be there for them if this was it.  I wanted to comfort them, hold their hands, and tell them they are not alone.  I also wanted to help heal them.  I wanted to see them walk away and appreciate life and their families more.  I wanted to help my fellow Nurses and Respiratory Therapists who were also struggling with lack of resources and staff.  I chose to become a Respiratory Therapist and felt like it was my job to answer the call. Just like my husband does for deployments.  With all the scars, bruising, and now nightmares, I’ll do it all over again.”

 Olivia Deigh, daughter of Mr. Elliott and Denise Deigh, Sr, is a 2010 graduate of Bradwell Institute and was the 2010 Homecoming queen. She attended Chamberlain College of Nursing and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2016.

 Deigh’s nursing specialty is primarily in the emergency and trauma care.

 She is completing her nursing duties in a COVID-19 ICU in Queens, NY.

 “Having just arrived back from Ethiopia on a mission trip, roughly two weeks prior to this nursing opportunity, I had a changed mindset and wanted to continue helping and serving others in every capacity possible,” Deigh said. “I decided to come aid in NYC as I continuously thrive off of challenges. I prayed for my nursing career to expand and God placed this right in front of me. I wanted to provide comfort and nurture my patients; be that family member at the bedside with them fighting as we are all in this together! I wanted to see the progress from patients and to continue to encourage them to keep the faith. As the media displayed increased deaths and decreased resources, I knew I had to step in to assist. As nurses and respiratory therapists, we are called to go above and beyond our call of duty to impact others for an eternity. I have dedicated my life as a nurse to care for anyone who I may come into contact with by using my touch as a healing hand with a gentle heart and will continue to recycle this process. Yes, I would do this again without any hesitation. I have learned so much here and am excited to utilize the nursing skills acquired.”


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