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Do your research on T-SPLOST before heading to the polls Tuesday
Letter to the editor
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Editor, I want everyone to know why I will vote “no” for T-SPLOST.

T-SPLOST was created by the Georgia General Assembly due to our politicians’ inability to develop budgets partly because of those who loudly exclaim they will not raise taxes. Therefore, they created a new tax — T-SPLOST — to be approved by referendum. Their assumption is the electorate will vote yes, thus placing the blame on taxpayers rather than on the cowardly backs of politicians.

I agree with the many comments calling T-SPLOST a regressive tax, unfairly paid by the middle- and lower-income earners. Sales tax on essential items is absolutely unfair and regressive.

In a handout provided by Connect Georgia in support of T-SPLOST, it says, “Despite our fast growing population, Georgia spends less per capita on transportation than almost any other state. This is beginning to make our state less attractive to employers. … ” It goes on to say, “The states we compete with for new jobs have taken transportation seriously, investing in it while Georgia has stalled.”

Additionally, according to the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, “Georgia ranks 49th in per capita transportation funding.”

I believe these statements clearly describe the failure of our politicians. They want us to solve their past inadequacies by our approving T-SPLOST. Not me.

According to another statement by Connect Georgia, “If the sales tax is passed, it will free up funds previously allocated to transportation and those will now be eligible for additional regional priorities.”

Do our politicians really mean this? We will lose previously allocated funds by voting no? What an irresponsible position.

The $19 billion they project to earn in 10 years forced the local governments to get creative in how they propose to spend their share. Many projects proposed are things we have never heard of before and, in my opinion, are very questionable.

And let’s not forget that almost all SPLOST funds generated in the past were never used as proposed to the taxpayers.

I will vote no. Everyone, please vote. Let’s have a large turnout.

— Edgar Alexander

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