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Getting outside big part of areas appeal
Life in Liberty
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Long days at the beach, leisurely walks in the early morning hours, nights of fireworks surrounded by men and women who serve or have served our nation — what’s not to love about the first week of July in Coastal Georgia?

A pessimist might point out the blistering heat or our state bird, the mosquito. Fortunately, I’m no pessimist.

Make no mistake: I haven’t always had such a positive opinion on Hinesville summers. We moved here in May three years ago, and for the three months that followed I wasn’t sure I’d ever learn how to breathe this air.

Now I’m praying for the rain to ease up so we can finally feel some summer heat. You’re welcome.

Summer brings people to life in this area. Suddenly, everyone is out walking, bicycling or swimming. People who normally avoid interaction are having lazy conversation over glasses of sweet tea.

With Independence Day on Wednesday, the fun of summer reaches another level.

Soldiers, their families and people from the community will be out in droves for the games, food, fireworks and concerts. Since I’m a people person, I plan to be right in the middle of it all.

Of course, some folks don’t know any better. They’re sitting in their air-conditioned houses all summer long, missing the whole wonderful experience.

Well, if there’s ever a time to step out the front door and into the real world, the time is now.

When armed with a couple of water bottles, gobs of sunscreen and some breathable clothes, the heat loses its power and fades into the background of a fabulous summer with plenty of places to see and things to do for everyone.

Whether it’s hanging clothes on the line to save energy and keep your clothes dryer from heating up the house or spending all day Wednesday at the Independence Day celebration on Fort Stewart, find a reason to get outside this week and spend a few hours enjoying summer instead of hiding from it. You’ll be glad you did.

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